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In 2010, I turned 13 and for my birthday I got my very first camera. It was a small, blue digital camera and I can remember bringing it absolutely everywhere with me. That tiny camera transformed my life and exposed a part of me I didn't know existed - an artist. 

For years, I struggled to find myself as a young adult, but photography helped me find solace and clarity. Christmas Eve 2014, my grandparents got me my first DSLR camera and from there, the rest of my photography career is history.

Photography is so special for me - it's a shared passion I have with my grandfather, it's my escape, it's my life - there is nothing I love more than capturing memories that may have otherwise been forgotten days, weeks, or years down the road. Photographs are timeless pieces of art that can never be reproduced, and as your photographer, I promise to deliver a result you'll love and cherish.  

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